Born in 1975 in Lebanon, Marc Chatila chose his profession so that he could create everyday objects and then beautify them. He has always been fascinated by innovation and the design of objects.

Driven by his enthusiasm, Marc Chatila trained in gemmology and jewellery design at the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA).

He is particularly attracted to the world of luxury as it evokes a certain tradition and expertise that through his innovativeideas, can be modernised and reimagined into timeless creations. Under his supervision, expert artisan craftsmanship ensures attention to detail and an unparalleled finish.

Skilfully manipulating the codes of luxury, objects and space, his work covers high jewellery, watches, interior decoration, furniture and connected objects among others. He imbues every one of his creations with passion, innovation, creative ideas, and his commitment to accommodate the client’s requests and to exceed their expectations.


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